A short follow up to THATCamp Feminisms

The work of THATCamp Feminisms deserves much more writing than I have in me right now – I’d like to talk about the challenges we faced, from strange website issues, to hacked project pages, to missing people whose funding fell through as well as the amazing outcomes and insights – the power of the local and of the national, new apps to be built and communities to grow, and rich thoughts about the history of DH, its politics, and where we can go in the future.

But the baby has just gone to sleep and we will be up in the early morning to watch Matt/Papa run the LA Marathon. So a short aggregator post will have to do for now.

There have been several follow up posts

Now I’ll Blog it: Re: #tcfw (Alex Juhasz)


THATCamp Feminisms Day 1 (Alicen Lewis)


#tcfw: Precarity, Solidarity, and Pressure (Anne Cong-Huyen)


TCFW: Feminism – the right to say ‘no’ in all contexts


THATCamp Feminisms West Thoughts (Chandra Jenkins)

THATCamp Feminisms West: thoughts

Notes from THATCamp Feminisms West (Mia Ridge)


Building a DH Feminist Network (Amanda Phillips)


Here are the Storify collections:

#tooFEW Storify


THATCamp Feminisms South Storify


The Collected TCFW


There were a number of google docs created during the two days of THATCamp Feminisms West, all of which are in the notes stages. Feel free to edit into more refined prose or to expand on ideas so that these docs become helpful to others. Here are the ones of which I know:

Google Docs

DH 400 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-FMagbblT3JqFjBHxc0mosClan0aZeXabdnjKz-3hUQ/edit

Feminist Collaboration


Creating a Regional Hub (aka the DH Food Truck becomes Mindr)


Transform DH https://docs.google.com/document/d/15caTX2281lvG4J0EN9YwgN0pcsbpXeiUVj1m59N5J0Y/edit

My slideshare from Intro to DH:

Mentioned Sites








“Free as in sexist?” Free culture and the gender gap (Joseph Reagle)



~~ I suspect I’ve missed some things and that more will emerge as we all have some time to chew on the weekend’s topics. Please leave me a comment or send a tweet and I’ll keep adding.

Thanks to everyone for a rewarding set of convos – I’m aware of the work it took on each of our parts to make this happen and I’m grateful to all involved!

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