Bodies of Information: Feminist Debates in Digital Humanities

I’m delighted that we’ve reached the stage where we are sending out the full manuscript for review and beginning the peer-to-peer review process for the newest volume in the Debates in DH series: Bodies of Information.

On a day when there is continuing bad news from 45’s administration, including the reprehensible effort to cut food and aid to the most vulnerable amongst us, perhaps a sneak peek at the TOC will help keep the fires of the resistance burning. We are excited by the scope of work represented here and look forward to sharing all of this great work with you as soon as we are able. NB: what appears below may change during our review and revision processes.

Bodies of Information: Feminist Debates in Digital Humanities

Jacqueline Wernimont and Elizabeth Losh, Editors

  1. Introduction, Jacqueline Wernimont and Elizabeth Losh


  1. “Danger, Jane Roe!” Wearable Data Visualization as Feminist Praxis, Kimberly Knight
  2. The Android Goddess Declaration: Hacking Our Own Algorithms, micha cárdenas
  3. What Passes for Human? : Undermining the Fictive Universal Subject in Digital Humanities Praxis, Roopika Risam
  4. Accounting & Accountability: Feminist Grant Administration and Coalitional Fair Finance, Danielle Cole, Izetta Autumn Mobley, Jacqueline Wernimont, Moya Bailey, T.L. Cowan, Veronica Paredes


  1. Be More Than Binary, Deb Verhoeven
  2. Diversity in Digital Humanities Conferences, Nickoal Eichmann- Kalwara, Jeana Jorgensen, and Scott Weingart
  3. Counting the Costs of Scholarship: Funding Feminism in the Digital Humanities, Christina Boyles
  4. Toward a Queer Digital Humanities, Bonnie Ruberg, Jason Boyd, and James Howe


  1. Remaking History: Lesbian Feminist Historical Methods in the Digital Humanities, Michelle Schwartz and Constance Crompton
  2. Prototyping Personography for The Yellow Nineties Online: Queering and Querying History in the Digital Age, Alison Hedley and Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
  3. Is Twitter Any Place for a [Black Academic] Lady?, Marcia Chatelain
  4. Bringing up the Bodies: The Visceral, the Virtual, and the Visible, Padmini Ray Murray


  1. Ev-Ent-Anglement: Reflexively Extending Engagement By Way of Technology, Alexandra Juhasz, Brian Getnick, and Laila Shereen Sakr
  2. Building Pleasure and the Digital Archive, Dorothy Kim
  3. Delivery Service: Gender and the Political Unconscious of Digital Humanities, Susan Brown


  1. Building Otherwise, Julia Flanders
  2. Working Nine to Five: What a Way to Make an Academic Living?, Lisa Brundage, Karen Gregory, and Emily Sherwood
  3. Minority Report: The Myth of Equality in the Digital Humanities, Barbara Bordalejo
  4. Beyond the Principal Investigator: Complicating “Great Man” Narrative of Digital History, Sharon Leon


  1. Can We Trust the University?: Digital Humanities Collaborations with Historically Exploited Cultural Communities, Amy Earhart
  2. Domestic Disturbances: Precarity, Agency, Data, Beth Coleman
  3. Project | Process | Product: Feminist Digital Subjectivity in a Shifting Scholarly Field, Kathryn Holland and Susan Brown
  4. Decolonizing Digital Humanities: Africa in Perspective, Titilola Aiyegbusi
  5. A View From Somewhere: Designing The Oldest Game, A Newsgame to Speak Nearby, Sandra Gabriele
  6. Playing the Humanities: Feminist Game Studies and Public Discourse, Anastasia Salter and Bridget Blodgett



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