About me

I am an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University, where I specialize in literary history, feminist digital media, histories of quantification, and technologies of commemoration. Currently a Fellow of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, I work on new civil rights in digital cultures with a particular emphasis on the long histories of our technologies and practices. I am an active part of the FemTechNet collective. My other affiliations include the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Identity, the Nexus Lab for Transdisciplinary Informatics and Digital Humanities, and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.I teach on topics related to early modern literature, digital media, history of science, and feminist and possible worlds theory.

I am part of several collaborative projects, each of which has a link in the sidebar. I’m also working on a monograph that traces long histories (21st century to 16th century) of particular technologies like archives and body counts. I took a Ph.D. and M.A. in English Literature from Brown University and a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, where I also studied Molecular Biology. I cut my digital humanities teeth at the Brown University Women Writers Project, where I began as an encoder and later worked as the project manager and textbase editor. Prior to ASU, I taught at Harvey Mudd College as a fellow and visiting assistant professor and at Scripps College as an Assistant Professor of English.

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