Feminists Retreat

Time is magical. Time to think, talk, and play. Time with movement, sunshine, and one another. Of all the resources that I need in order to do my work, the one I need most is time. In general, I can use more of this magical thing called time. But this post isn’t about lack, it’s… More Feminists Retreat

Ferocious Generosity

A while ago I collected a few items on my blog in preparation to write about openly feminist scholarship and thinking through what I mean when I say I am working toward a “more generous method.” At the time I was reflecting on the idea of “baked in” feminism that I first wrote about in… More Ferocious Generosity

No More Excuses

Male colleagues whom I respect, read, think with and sometimes disagree with: it is time. Time to see gender equity (at the very least) and our much touted inclusivity be realized. As a feminist I think dissensus is necessary and disagreement can be productive. I don’t want to hide our many differences. But it is… More No More Excuses