Welcome…I am glad you’re here.

I’m a feminist scholar who does a lot of different work, all of which is oriented toward greater justice in digital cultures.

My forthcoming book, Numbered Lives: A history of media of measure, is a new media history of the tools, technologies, and interfaces that we use to count and track our bodies, our selves, and our lives. The book will be out with MIT Press in 2018.

Among my academic superpowers are:

  • long histories of media and technology – particularly those that count and commemorate
  • entanglements with archives and historiographic ways of knowing
  • feminist engagements with science and technology
  • network weaving across humanities, arts, and sciences

I am committed to infrastructures that support inquiry and justice work; consequently I direct or co-direct these things

I hope you’ll noodle around here, where I share ideas, frustrations, and works in progress (the orange menu in the upper right corner will help you get around)

I think best with others – let me know if you’d like to think together.