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(Step) Counting the Women's March #J21

Are you marching today? Send me a screen shot of your steps, a note here with the #, or tweet #womensmarchcount and I’ll make a digital art piece that includes all of your beautiful steps of resistance!

And if you’re rolling or otherwise moving, or not tracking, feel free to send me other metrics (time, distance) and I’ll include

Timeline of #myDHis

In anticipation of the #myDH panel this afternoon at #DHSI2016, I thought I’d pull up some of the earlier conversations on this topic. There are two overlapping tags: #myDHis and #myDH.

#myDHis was a coordinated public intervention

#myDH was the topic of a blockbuster talk by Padmini Ray Murray at Digital Diversity 2015

Click here to see the timeline of 

I was unable to do the same for #mydh because there are too many unrelated uses to make it easy to do in the Twitter timeline tool (and too many old ones for Storify!).